Ecuador is on the Pacific side of South America bordered by Columbia, Brazil, and Peru. World Servants is working along-side the Emanuel Christian School to assist in constructing classrooms for their K-12 school in the town of Macas, Ecuador. Macas is a town of about 30,000 inhabitants on the southeast side of Ecuador. It is often called the “Emerald of the East” because it lies just east of the Andes Mountains. The school has been a beacon of light that brings hope to the community.

The people living in Macas are hard-working, friendly and family-oriented. The main industries are oil, forestry, fisheries and assorted others. The average family household income is between $4,000 and $6,000 per year. Living conditions are simple, but challenging. There is a large population of rural peoples.

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Your team will participate in experiential cross-cultural training, attend a worship service in Macas, and visit families to learn about life in the community. There will be many opportunities to engage
with the children of Macas through crafts, Kids Club, and sports activities.

The team will be constructing a classroom for the Emanuel Christian school. We will work alongside the community on tasks such as hauling sand, mixing concrete, laying foundations, carpentry, finishing concrete and possibly painting.


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All meals will be prepared for us by hotel staff. We will be staying at a small hotel in Macas. It has hotel style rooms with 2 beds and a bathroom in each. The main diet consists of bread, potatoes, cornmeal, some beef and chicken, eggs, rice, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, peppers, carrots, beans, avocados, along with fresh pineapple, mango, bananas, melons, and papaya. Clean, safe bottled water will be available to the team at all times.

You’ll fly into Quito where World Servants will meet you and transport you to a hotel in Quito for the evening. The next day we will travel to Macas. World servants will arrange for all in-country travel, which is included as part of your trip fee.

The team will spend their day off whitewater rafting and on a boat trip upriver to visit indigenous communities.



Trip safety is extremely important to World Servants and our host community. The community we are working and staying in is considered very safe and we do not anticipate any safety issues.

COVID-19 Safety Response

We are working diligently to address the directives of the communities we serve in regard to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Be assured, World Servants will not hesitate to cancel or suspend a trip if appropriate.

While World Servants does not require participants to be vaccinated, some countries in which we serve may require proof of vaccination and/or a negative COVID test in order to gain entry into the country. World Servants will work with you and your team to make sure you are aware of any travel requirements prior to trip onset.