You’ll be amazed by the relationships you will develop with your team and the community.

Every trip includes cultural training, an influential service project, and time off to explore the surrounding areas.


Sustainability in Action

World Servants is working alongside Daniel Schimenes and his organization, One Challenge International, in Brazil. They have a passion to help communities in Brazil by meeting physical needs and offering encouragement through prayer.

Join a project helping a community in Ariri by building a refrigerated facility so local fisherman and their families can store their daily catch, process, and sell their fish on the mainland. A processing facility will help local families directly and the local economy of the village.

Be a part of a project that will have an amazing impact on an entire community!


Making a Difference for the Whole Community

World Servants has been serving in several communities all over the DR including Constanza, Villa Hermosa, La Cumbre, Jarabacoa, Consuelito and San Cristobal.  We continue to partner with local pastors as they identify their assets and greatest needs as well as how World Servants can come alongside them in their efforts.

Over the years, our teams have worked with these communities to build schools, medical buildings and water treatment facilities. At the family level we have helped to plant community gardens and rebuild homes destroyed by natural causes and the children are being taught the importance of clean water, good hygiene and healthy habits.


A Little Help Goes a Long Way

It has been a true pleasure to serve the needs of several orphanages in Ecuador by helping to enhance the spaces that so many children call home.

Roberto and Anita created Garden of Eden, a children’s home in the highlands of Ecuador. They are committed to helping homeless children see the possibilities in life. Garden of Eden cares for children with no homes who lived in jail with their condemned parents, children without parents, and children who have lived on the streets or been mistreated and abandoned.

Our focus is to help the center with much-needed repairs and provide programming for the children. With more than 60 children being served, it is a huge blessing to have teams come and help.


Calling all Brothers

Roll up your sleeves and join other fathers, sons, brothers, uncles and nephews as we help build a church on a Haitian hillside and a lifetime of relationships.

Step outside your world and comfort zone while serving the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere still recovering from a massive 2010 earthquake. We seek to align with partners that share our heart to serve the developing world and have recently met with key community leaders inclined to embrace the sustainable model to community development that World Servants brings.

In addition to building the church, teams will host Kids Club where 100-300 children attend daily, visit people in their homes and pray for families.

Disaster Rebuilding

Partnering in Disaster Stricken Communities

The devastation from Hurricanes continues to be felt throughout the coastal US when rebuilding efforts begin. We try as World Servants to come alongside these communities to help after the initial relief efforts have diminished or stopped. We start at that point and partner with the local churches, organizations, and government to assist communities as they rebuild. 

In the midst of the tragedy, we will stand together where hope is alive. Teams will come alongside the homeowners that have no flood insurance to rebuild and improve living conditions. Most of the homes we will usually encounter need insulation, drywall, and painting. We will also help to encourage the community through events such as cook-outs and family fun days.

We will communicate where and when we will be assisting in communities to help rebuild when disasters happen. We will provide opportunities for you to come and join us.   


Poverty in Paradise

World Servants’ teams have been serving in Jamaica for over 25 years. While Jamaica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it also has big challenges, especially poverty.

Our mission trips offer the opportunity to look closely into 
the lives of the community and help enhance the quality of life. Our partner church identifies needs such as building a community center and classroom renovations. The teams work right alongside the local people to improve the situation.

Groups come to assist with construction projects, to interact with the children through Kids’ Club and visit families in their homes, seeing what life is like outside their own backyards.


A hand up, Not a handout

The humble city of Wheelwright is nestled in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Back in the day, Wheelwright was one of the nation’s premier coal camp towns. Today, Wheelwright’s greatest treasure still exists—the people. But with almost forty percent of the population living in poverty, Wheelwright and the surrounding areas struggle with many basic needs.

One of the most pressing needs is addressing home repair. From the replacement of a leaking roof, to building a wheelchair ramp or putting in new windows, World Servants’ teams support the people in the area and signs of a turnaround are evident throughout the community.


Change the Lives of Deaf Children in Rural Kenya

The beauty of Kenya will surprise you, and after experiencing the warm hospitality you may never want to leave. Tawa is a rural village of families living in an agriculturally-based community. Living conditions are simple, but challenging. Most children only go to school through sixth grade, but education 
is the key to escaping the poverty found in most small villages.

World Servants’ teams are working with Kakuswi Special School for the Deaf to improve the living and learning conditions for hearing-impaired children. We’ll be building a new dormitory so more children have a chance to go to school. Our time will be spent building frames, mixing cement, placing bricks and playing with the kids.


Helping Kids Who May Not Have Anyone Else

Just an hour from San Diego, you’ll find Rancho San Juan Bosco orphanage. World Servants has been partnering with them for over twenty years and the work they do with the children is amazing. They offer a safe haven for at-risk kids who, in many cases, have no family.

Working with Misael Morelos Quezada, we tackle a variety of projects, such as helping them build a new dining area, constructing a chicken coop and making much needed repairs. With 40 kids and limited staff, the help is a blessing to everyone.

We will do craft projects with the children and host Kids’ Club during the week. But it is the relationship-building over meals and free time that changes lives the most.


A Nation in Need of Help

Navajos arrived in the Southwest between 800 and 1,000 years ago. The Navajo didn’t live in villages, but banded together in small groups near a water source. The Navajo Nation is the largest Indian reservation in the U.S., about the size of the state of West Virginia. Challenges abound throughout such as high unemployment, poverty, and the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Over the last 15 years, World Servants has built a strong relationship with the community based on trust and keeping our promises. Teams have worked in different areas of Arizona and New Mexico to build community centers and churches and improve family homes on the reservation bringing hope and dignity to the community.


With Your Help, Children Can Succeed

World Servants is working in a suburb of Lima, Peru with our in-country partner, Peru Hope.  Huaycan is home to thousands of migrant settlers from different parts of Peru and is one of the poorest neighborhoods of the capital city.

The people living in Huaycan are hard-working, friendly and family-oriented. Living conditions are simple, but challenging. Most families live in one or two room homes constructed of bricks or wood, and tin roofs with kitchens and latrines located outside.

Working together with Peru Hope, World Servants brings hope through friendship, food, education, community-building projects, clean water projects, medical clinics and outreach programs.


Devastation impacts a School

Flying into San Juan, you will see a few blue tarps on roofs and it might appear that things are going well but once you get away from the tourist area you’ll see that the hurricane has done a LOT of lasting damage.

We will be helping to repair a school in Juncos, 45 minutes outside of San Juan. 128 children from pre-K to 9th grade attend there but the school was badly damaged and now they are only able to use a couple of the classrooms. Most of the students come from low to middle class homes so an education is very important to improve lives. Currently the school has electricity but the community is still waiting for help with repairs so the rest of the children can return to school.


Come Be a Blessing to Others

Located between Knoxville, Tennessee, and Lexington, Kentucky, Jellico is part of the Appalachian Mountain range. The scenery is breathtaking and the people are friendly. Jellico has a population of 2,400. During its “boom days”, when coal was king, more than 10,000 people lived there but now 60% of residents are on government assistance, schools are struggling with resources and unemployment is a huge problem.

Together with the local church and Woodland Community Organization, World Servants is working to meet the needs of the community. Mission teams assist homeowners with repairs, such as re-roofing, new windows, exterior painting, improving living conditions. Help us encourage this hardworking community as they move forward and make positive changes for a bright future.


Open the Door to a Brighter Future

The communities of Brownton, Flemington, Grafton, and Richwood, West Virginia are some of the most historic in the US but the beauty of the Appalachian Mountain range belies the poverty you find in these areas.

At one time the railroad, coalmines, hardwood forestry, and other industries flourished. But after the Depression and the following modernization, mines closed, industries were crippled, traffic was rerouted and many, many, jobs were lost. Today, these communities are working hard to find a niche in the tourism industry but 35% of the population is still living under the poverty line.

World Servants and a committed team of local leaders are partnering to come alongside families to repair homes, build relationships, and improve lives.

Join us and experience what it’s like to truly give back to those in need!